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Jenifer Freebairn


Jenifer Freebairn and I have been friends for over two decades. We came up together through the clubs of Los Angeles thus sharing many of the triumphs, tragedies and unexplainably surreal that brings. I was honored, all these years later, when she asked me to produce her new album, ten lives. Jen writes in a wonderful, deceptively layered way. The first layer tastes gooood and you think you've experienced it but then on the next listen, there's another layer and then another, and another. She's also an expert in fine wines...haunting similarities. You can enjoy samples of ten lives and buy the digital and/or physical version directly from the artist right here.

coming_out_for_christmas_final art.png

Crystal Bowersox


American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox is in the holiday spirit and has chosen, as she does all year, to love not judge in "Coming Out For Christmas" available now. I co-wrote this one with my new friend, Crystal and co-produced it with long time friend and musical comrade, Linda Taylor. I'm proud of our team and anxious to see what our creation can do at the ball before it turns into a pumpkin on December 26.


Art Garfunkel

Since our 2002 trio album with Buddy Mondlock (produced by Billy Mann) Art and I have stayed in touch through phone calls and postcards.  He called a few months ago to tell me he was curating a double album that would be a collection of songs from Simon and Garfunkel, Art's solo career and our trio project plus 2 brand new ones.  Then he asked if I would be interested in producing those 2 new additions.  That was a very easy "yes."  With an A Team of players (Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks, Linda Taylor, Leah Kunkel, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith and Matt Rollings engineered by Ryan Freeland) we recorded "Long Way Home" and "Lena" which Rolling Stone says in their 4 1/2 star review "stand up well in this impressive company." Available now, this 34-song retrospective is a must have.​

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Edwin McCain

For years Edwin McCain and I have been writing, touring, recording and acting like children together whenever we got the chance.  He decided to take it to the next level when he asked me to produce his new album, Mercy Bound, on 429 Records available now.​


Donny Anderson

Donny Anderson isn't just a Canadian idol finalist who has been performing most of his life including appearances at the Merritt Walk of Stars, The Special Olympics, The CCMA's and opening spots with artists and Donny fans such as Alannah Myles.  He's also a modern day amalgam of Al Green, Bill Withers, James Morrison and of course his own soulful style.  Once I heard his voice I couldn't NOT work with him.  We started writing together and it all fell into place.

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