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Hi Friends,

I know everyone is saying it these days but it's worth repeating...I hope you're all staying healthy, relatively sane and maybe even productive. Those are all challenging missions right now so don't beat yourself up if you're not 3 for 3.

So far I'm managing the sane part but the healthy part didn't go my way a few weeks ago. I got a sinus infection, then pneumonia and, with that diagnosis, the Covid test which came back (12 days later) positive. That's not what I meant when I told myself to stay positive. It was miserable but I'm the other side of it now well out of the contagious w

indow and well past the time when I could have given it to any contacts pre-isolation. I was saved by friends who became porch fairies dropping off groceries, a prescription, homemade chicken soup and even warm chocolate chip cookies. Huge love and thanks to my porch fairies and so many other friends and family members near and far who checked in daily. I felt like hell but I felt loved (that might be a song).

I'm getting the productive part going again now. I mentioned in my last post that I was in the studio...the album is done and mixed and just waiting for a good time to release it with a tour to follow. For obvious reasons I'm waiting to see when that can happen safely.

In the meantime I'll be doing some shows online starting with Shut In and Sing THIS SATURDAY April 4. Just go to to get signed up for your ticket.

I'll be doing more online shows in the coming weeks. Check my instagram @maiasharpmusic, twitter @maiasharp or FB @maiasharp for announcements.

Thanks and please stay well!



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