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Hello! I'm in the studio right now finishing up a new album. Release date and tour details coming soon... In the meantime, I have a few shows coming up including one with Her Badassery, Bonnie Raitt. Check TOUR DATES for the inside scoop. Here's to 2020,


The latest single from our upcoming EP Blessings, Curses, Anchors & Wings is out now!

Written with Gabe Dixon and Park Chisolm, "Burn" takes the notion that sometimes you miss the tangible, analog, old school, whatever you want to call it, of holding a letter in your hand even if it is just so you can burn it.

And join us for our EP release party in Los Angeles at Hotel Cafe Thursday October 17. Roscoe & Etta and Friends will be on the main stage from 9 - 11 with special guests Garrison Starr, PJ Pacifico, Amy Kuney and Haleigh Bowers.

Hope to see you there!


Blessings, Curses, Anchors & Wings, the follow up release from Roscoe & Etta, is coming soon!

Our first single "Get Lost" is available NOW to stream and purchase. Roscoe & Etta "Get Lost And watch the video HERE Check TOUR DATES for a show near you where we will have the new EP (and other cool new merch). Hope you enjoy it!


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